Acrux UnChurn
Churn Prognosis System

which helps you retain customers and save marketing budget.

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Retention is cheaper

In a competitive market the cost of customer’s acquisition (CAC) can be high therefore

To increase business profitability it is essential to increase customer’s lifetime in order to prevent unchurn

  • x5-7

    times cheaper

    New customer attraction is more expensive than retention of a current *

    *According to Boston Consulting Group
  • x25

    Times more profit

    The customer brings more in the full lifetime than in the first year in SaaS companies

    *According to Boston Consulting Group
  • >25%

    Profit increases while customer churn decreases by 5%

    * According to Forbes
Get to know your client better
Using AI algorithms Celado Unchurn analyzes :
  • customers’ behavior,
  • their consumer patterns,
  • social-demographic data,
  • and other parameters
And divides current clients into groups:
  • loyal, who will continue to stay with the company,
  • those who left and are unlikely to return,
  • and those who are inclined to leave.
Our advantages
  • Friendly interface

  • Using your data

  • Easily integrates with inner systems

  • Newest AI methods

  • System was made up by marketologists and data scientists

The Way We Do it
Signing NDA

A non-disclosure agreement between our companies

Studying your data

What kind of data you’ve got,period during which it was collected, the way its connected and how it’s renewed


Carry out data analysis demonstrating product capabilities

Evaluating the result

What kind of result you will get,Discuss technical issues and final cost

Sign the Contract

For Celado Unchurn Implementation

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Implement the product for 1-2 months.


You get 2 months technical support and consultations

Your Client Base Is Kept Safe

We do not need personal data to build models.

We work with impersonal client IDs and their behavioral parameters. Therefore, your customer base will remain with you.

At the same time, we are a personal data operator registered with the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications, which allows us, if necessary, to process the data of your customers, if this requires the development of your individual solution. These cases are always discussed separately and accompanied by separate documents


How many Clients Should I have?

The more customers the better, but you need at least 2,000 customers, on average, making at least 3 purchases every quarter.

How Much Data Is Required?

Ideally, we need statistics of at least a year to take into account all aspects related to seasonality. At least three years is best.

We work in b2b, will your system work?

We have successful examples of using our system in b2b segment.


Steel mill

Recommender system for steel plant

Implementation of machine learning expert system reduced defect production by 34%.

It allowed to save energy and time, increase productivity and quality of final product.


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