Measure Your Creativity With Natural language processing!
Our deep learning experts have developed an algorithm that will automatically assess your creativity.
Person’s Recognition: A Criminal Can Be Found By Linguistic Analysis Of Their Social Network Profile
Let's use an example of how to analyze the language of social networks.
Neural networks for smart cities
Let's talk about the possibilities of using computer vision to process data from a satellite or drone.
How to use AI in retail?
A machine learning model can analyze and break large volumes of complex data into actionable insights, so you can better understand customer.
Vilnius transport
Our analysis of logistics from the outskirts to the city center by public and private transport.
How artificial intelligence increases the productivity of the back office
Using AI in your marketing efforts and back office operations not only increases efficiency and productivity but makes you smarter.
Predictive maintenance
Meet your demand for higher asset uptime and lower your maintenance costs.
Acrux predictive analytics
Our team helps to go from a hypothesis to a complete solution.
Machine Learning in the Service of Urban Studies
How we trained the neural network to recognize tree crowns.
Monitoring and decision support system for artificial lung ventilation
How we built a system for receiving, storing and outputting data from each ventilator online.
Recommender system for defects reduction
Machine learning techniques can effectively reduce defects and waste in metallurgy. Let's see how we did it in the sheet metal workshop.
Recommender systems
In this article, we'll take a look at what recommender systems are and how they work.
AI for asynchronism detection
How we improved treatment of patients in ICU with machine learning app.
6 steps sutomating your business with AI
Automation of production or business processes of a company using artificial intelligence is rather a complex and time-consuming task. But if you go step-by-step and follow clear instructions, then the implementation of AI into your business will be successful and fast.
Concerns of implementing AI into your business processes
Often managers are skeptical about the possibilities of implementing artificial intelligence into their business. Let's take a look at the main concerns and threats.
New customers sales
The essence of machine learning methods is the possibility of automatic processing of large amounts of data as well as identifying patterns and dependencies.
Reducing customer churn in fast food restaurants chain
Take a look at our customer retention case.

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