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AI For Client Support

“All operators are busy, please stay on the line”.

“We have received your message and will respond within 15 business days.”

Annoying, isn't it?

And your customers may be nervous too. In the meantime, your employees are forced to answer the same questions a hundred times in a row. 

Expanding the technical support staff to increase the speed of response inflates costs, the product’s price rises - sales decrease.

Also staff turnover and the need to train new employees are problems that constantly need to be addressed.

At the same time, long waits and interns' mistakes reduce customer loyalty and increase churn.

We have repeatedly encountered such difficulties with our clients (and as clients are also tired of waiting for an answer to a question from a support commercial or public service). Therefore, we developed the Deep Clarity service. AI-based tool for customer service optimization.

How it works

Deep Clarity gets historical data on customer questions and specialists answers. When a new question comes in, the AI ​​searches its database for similar questions from the history and, if it finds similar ones, it suggests answer options that previously satisfied customers.

Our experience has shown that about 60% of the questions are given fairly standard answers containing detailed information from laws and regulations. The remaining 40% require a more personalized approach, but even for them, AI offers suitable draft answers, helping specialists to answer.

We applied our algorithm in one of the largest Lithuanian organizations, where dozens of people apply every day with questions on various topics. After training on the annual volume of data, the following results were obtained.


For 40% of the questions, the answer given by the software was correct completely. That is, the specialist did not waste time on this question and immediately gave an answer.

In 50% of cases, the response speed increased by 2 to 5 times due to the provision of a response template. Average acceleration by 3.8 times.

In 10% of cases - the response time has not changed.

The number of errors (unsatisfactory answers) has been reduced and the quality of answers to complex questions requiring a detailed analysis of the situation has been improved, since specialists have freed up time that they previously spent on non-essential questions.


As a result, the implementation of Deep Clarity allowed:

  • Increase the speed of processing questions
  • Reduce the workload on the help desk employees
  • Pay more attention to complex issues
  • Help trainees find the right answers and resolve issues faster.

The model can work completely autonomously, providing customers with background information at any time of the day and solving some of the urgent issues.

An important feature is the ability of the model to work in different languages, which is important in the current conditions, when in many European countries there are forced migrants from Ukraine and Belarus.

We hope that with our solution nobody will have to stay on the line for an answer.

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