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Software development for healthcare solutions

We specialise in developing and implementing modern AI and IT solutions to improve patients well-being, make medical devices smarter and optimise processes in healthcare system

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What we do

We specialise in developing and implementing modern AI and IT solutions to improve patients well-being, make medical devices smarter and optimise processes in healthcare system

AI-based software solutions for healthcare

AI solutions speed up and simplify data processing, help physicians make right decisions, reduce the workload, and provide 24/7 monitoring of patients.

Our team has a large and successful experience in implementing AI into clinical processes.

Remote monitoring software

Our team has extensive experience in remote monitoring software development with high standards of medical software development, cyber security and data privacy. Our developers have experience working with all popular standards of medical data transfer.

Mobile health applications

The development of mHealth apps is an important and rapidly growing area in the healthcare industry, and can offer numerous benefits for both patients and healthcare providers.

Our team can ensure data privacy and security, and help with clinical evidence and effectiveness.

Research and development in healthcare

Also software and AI developers are essential to the success of R&D in healthcare because they help to create and maintain the digital tools and technologies that are used to support research efforts and improve patient care.

Our team has many years of experience in participating R&D projects funded by EU and international organisations.

Digital transformation in healthcare institutions

Automating processes in hospitals has a number of benefits, such as increasing efficiency and reducing costs by optimizing processes.

Our team has been working with private and public clinics for more than 7 years, we know how to develop solutions that are not only profitable, but comply with regulations and make medical staff happy.

Our Advantages

We work in compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, FDA/CE, ISO 13485, IEC 62304 requirements

We are not individual out-source developers, but a well-coordinated team of specialists which includes medical experts.

Close partnership with universities for studies and research

7 years of expertise in AI and its applications in healthcare

Experience of implementation EU-funded projects

Our achievments

Our Reputation

Solutions developed by our team for our clients have win awards at international conferences, hackathons and competitions. Here are some of our achievements

Top-5 startups

Intellihealth 2022 in Basel

Participation in program established by Roche and Plug n Play

Pilot project to improve patients treatment with AI

Our CEO is Man of the year

for a project to save COVID-19 patients

2021 in Lithuania

Successful completing more than €‎3kk EU funded research projects

Two projects achieved Top-60 out of 500 in EU UrbanTech in 2022

International EU project funded by Horizon

For whom

Healthcare startups

  • Our team of experienced software developers specialising in healthcare industry can help bring your vision to life

  • Our agile approach allows you to get MVP of your solution in 3-4 months

  • Our clinical partners will help with validation

  • And the entire development process complies with regulatory requirements

Medical device manufacturers

  • Our team has experience in integrating software with medical device data and hospital systems in compliance with regulations and data privacy

  • We can operate under white label

  • Our company is trusted by leaders of the healthcare industry

Researchers and laboratories

  • We know research work and enjoy it.

  • Our team has experience in successful implementing EU funded R&D projects.

  • We’ll be glad to apply to call as a consortium with your company or help you to complete IT or AI part of your project


  • Our team has been working with private and public clinics for more than 7 years

  • We understand hospital’s processes and talk the same language with both clinicians and administrators

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Explore Our Cases

Recommender system for treatment patients in ICU

We’ve developed an AI system that processes in real time hundreds of parameters to detect anomalies and recommend adjustments to device settings. The solution was one of the top 5 startups at the Intellihealth conference in 2022 in Switzerland

System for remote monitoring Covid-19 patients

During the Covid-19 epidemic our team developed software for remote monitoring of patients in the red zone. Our CEO was recognised as man of the year in Lithuania for this solution.

Interactive test for education of oncology specialist

As a part of a platform for oncology specialists, we developed interactive tests with case studies.

NLP Chat-bot for vitamin selection for pharmacy chain clients

Smart bot that understands natural language of users and evaluates what supplements could be useful to improve well-being was developed for a pharmaceutical company.

Tech stack

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